Review: The Night Chasers by Wesley W. Walker

Book Details

Format: Paperback, 344 pages

Publication: February 4, 2021 by Go to Publish

Synopsis: Betrayed by a trusted colleague and trapped in a manor corrupted by an unearthly evil, a band of survivors struggle to unravel a tangled, supernatural riddle kept in the cellar below. As hope dwindles, they must turn to a little girl to be the key to their salvation and save the world from a fate of fire and shadow. Halfway around the world, a police detective investigates a series of brutal murders with the help of a reclusive heroin addict in what becomes a race to find the little girl before the killer does.

My Thoughts

Rating: ★★★★☆

I started this book right at the start of a reading slump, so it took me a lot longer to read it than it likely would have otherwise; it was a pretty fast-paced novel, but I just hadn’t felt like reading for several days. It had many qualities that I almost instantly like in a book: alternating chapters (past and present), strong female leads, and a supernatural aspect.

The alternating chapters were a bit confusing at first, but once I caught on, it was a lot easier to keep up with every character. All of them were written amazingly; they all felt so real, which I loved. Jazzlyn was by far my favorite. Her relationship with Roach was almost always entertaining; their bickering definitely softened some of the tension when necessary.

I personally really liked Walker’s writing style. He had the perfect mix of humor and suspense, both of which weren’t overwhelming at all. As I’ve said, I really liked the way he handled the characters. Everything just felt so realistic, which I always love. It made the book more enjoyable. I look forward to any other book he releases in the future.

I was quite confused with the Christian-centric aspects, but I did enjoy learning about it! It actually led to a bit of side research after I finished the book. Other than the confusion with that, the book did flow easily!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Meet the Author

Wesley W. Walker writes both fiction and nonfiction, with The Night Chasers being his debut novel. A self described iconoclast and classic idealist, he explores politics and the Christian ethical world view on his blog at libertyisftw.org. He and his wife live in Bentonville, AR.

Connect with Wesley: Goodreads | Website | Instagram

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