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Blog Tour/Review: Up From Adams Street by Larry Crane

Book Details

Format: Paperback, 229 pages

Publication: January 1, 2019

Synopsis: A boy comes of age in a whistle-stop town in Illinois. The favorite, of whom much is expected, naïve to a fault, decked out in high school football gear, all 120 pounds of him, perched on the roof of a freight car hurtling toward a bridge over the Mississippi, and into jail for a night. He falls for a girl, becomes the inevitable star-crossed lover, and discovers that the life he wants to live is the life he’s living. Isn’t it?

My Thoughts

Rating: ★★★☆☆

This book was very well-written, but it was difficult for me to focus on it. It was a really sweet and touching memoir about growing up and the struggles that come with it. However, I found it extremely hard to take anything in during any chapters that mentioned sports. I’m not a huge sports fan, and I don’t understand nearly anything about them, so I was often confused as he was talking about them.

Sports aside, I think I would have loved this book. Larry Crane describes things in a lot of detail, so it often felt as if I was actually there experiencing it with him. I could see everything clearly.

I do think I’ll give this one another shot in the future. As I’ve said, it was an amazing book, but I didn’t really understand any of the sports talk. If you’re a fan of sports – or even not – it’s worth it to give this book a shot.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via iRead Book Tours. This did not influence my opinion in any way.

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Meet the Author

Larry Crane

Larry Crane spent the 1960s in a military setting, first at school at West Point, and as a lieutenant in Germany. He was an advisor to a Vietnamese ranger battalion in the Central Highlands. He took on a civilian career in brokerage and banking, retiring early to concentrate on writing, producing several full length plays most notable of which is Baghdad on the Wabash. Published fiction includes a thriller,A Bridge to Treachery, a mystery novel Missing Girls: In Truth Is Justice, and an anthology of short plays and stories, Baghdad on the Wabash and Other Plays and Stories. He lives with his wife Jan in splendid isolation on Southport Island, Maine.

Connect with Larry: Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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