5 Stars

Review: Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

Details: Paperback, 248 pages

Publication: September 21, 2017 by Atlantic Books (originally published January 23, 2007)

Series: Call Me By Your Name, Book One


Goodreads Synopsis: Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents’ cliff-side mansion on the Italian Riviera. Unprepared for the consequences of their attraction, at first each feigns indifference. But during the restless summer weeks that follow, unrelenting buried currents of obsession and fear, fascination and desire, intensify their passion as they test the charged ground between them. What grows from the depths of their spirits is a romance of scarcely six weeks’ duration and an experience that marks them for a lifetime. For what the two discover on the Riviera and during a sultry evening in Rome is the one thing both already fear they may never truly find again: total intimacy.

The psychological maneuvers that accompany attraction have seldom been more shrewdly captured than in André Aciman’s frank, unsentimental, heartrending elegy to human passion. Call Me by Your Name is clear-eyed, bare-knuckled, and ultimately unforgettable.


My Thoughts: I read this book about two weeks ago, and I still don’t think I can fully communicate just how much I loved it. It was so beautifully written that it left me speechless and in tears.

I went into this book blindly. I knew Timothée and Armie were in the movie, but I didn’t know which character they each played. The only other thing I knew was that people were worshiping the relationship between Oliver and Elio.

I’ll admit that when I first started it, I was a little skeptical. I came so close to giving up and just putting it in the stack of partially read books on my shelf. I didn’t understand the attention it received, and I was reluctant to try to figure it out.

I am so glad I didn’t give up.

Elio kind of annoyed me at first, and Oliver just felt like the typical arrogant love interest from every other romance novel I’ve read. I started to let the disappointment cloud my judgement and started losing interest. I ended up needing to reread a few pages in part two because I kept getting distracted. But I was determined to invest my time in the rest of the book to try to at least slightly understand the admiration of this book.

That’s when things started to click.

The character development for both Elio and Oliver slowly changed my mind on their characters. Elio was beginning to annoy me less the more I read, and I was starting to warm up to Oliver as well. Their relationship was growing, and I was completely invested despite myself.

When I started the book, I expected it to be a 3.5 star rating, maybe a 4 star rating tops. I assumed I’d just be disappointed and move on to my next book. But by the time I fully finished the book, I was crying my eyes out, and all I could think was: “That was one of the best books I’ve ever read.”

Rating: ★★★★★


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